A Look at Steve Dulitch’s Personal Life

Whether you are a fan of Steve Dulitch’s movies or not, there are some facts you should know about his personal life. These include his career, age, family, and farm.

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Having a successful career as a car expert and YouTuber, Steve Dulcich has accumulated a net worth of $1 million to $5 million. He also works as the editor in chief of Engine Master’s Magazine, a magazine that covers the technicalities of cars and engines. With his skills in engineering, he has been able to solve many people’s engine problems. He has also co-hosted the Motor TV show Engine Masters for 15 years.

As of the year 2022, Steve Dulcich’s age is 45 years old. He has two children. However, his wife is not mentioned in any of his social media photos. He shares many photos with his daughter, Emily. In addition, he has a nephew who is a professional footballer at UCLA. He has also completed his schooling in America.

With his interest in engineering, he has also worked for Hemi Muscle, Mopar Muscle, and High Performance Mopar Magazine. He also earned a degree in finance while studying at the University of Southern California. He has hosted Engine Masters Challenge for 15 years. He has become a fan favourite. With his love for engineering, Steve Dulcich has made a name for himself as a car expert. He has also become a popular co-host of the Motor TV show Roadkill Motor Trend.


Founded by Jakov Prosper Dulcich and his wife Antoinette in 1975, the Steve Dulcich Farm in Delano, California has been a pioneer in the grape growing industry. Their swanky-looking vineyards have been a hit with locals and tourists alike since they started churning out premium grapes. In the process, they have amassed a hefty net worth of about a million dollars. The Dulcichs have two sons, Nick and Peter who are still busy expanding the farm they inherited in 2009. Known for their signature Pretty Lady grapes, the Dulcichs have become a household name in the wine world. In fact, countries around the world began importing Dulcich & Sons grapes in the late ’90s.


Besides hosting a TV show, Steve Dulcich owns a plethora of the finer things in life. Among other things, he owns a massive farm in Northern California. As if owning a farm is not cool enough, Steve is also the proud owner of a kitty named Sally. As for the family, Steve’s wife and kids are not exactly prone to making public appearances. For the most part, the family is a tad bit older than the average bear.

The Steve Dulcich family net worth is estimated to be in the ballpark of $1 million. Among other things, the family has two daughters and a son. Not surprisingly, the family is very well behaved. Among other things, the family abides by the Golden rule: do unto others as you would like others to do unto you. While some of the family members may be contented with their respective thrones, the aforementioned rule of thumb rules the roost. Fortunately, the Dulcich kin are as sweet as a puppy’s poop. And, they’ve got a great sense of humor! As for the family, the only snag is the tyranny of time that the Dulcich family has with them. Having said that, the family aspires to be the best.


Known as an expert in the field of automobiles, Steve Dulcich is a popular car enthusiast. He has a number of shows and has been working in the automotive industry for a number of years. He has an extensive background in engineering, and he is a certified engine guru.

As an auto expert, he has written for Hot Rod Body&Paint magazine and Hemi Muscle magazine. He has also hosted shows such as Engine Masters. He has a YouTube channel that has over 40k subscribers. His work has earned him a decent income, though he has never revealed his net worth.

He has a huge farm, which is full of grapes. He has also set up a workshop beside the farm. He is a big fan of cars and has his own 1969 Ford Mustang.

He has a son, James, and a daughter, Emily. He is married, but has never shared much about his personal life. His net worth is not known, but is estimated at between $1 million and $5 million.

He has an extensive background in cars, and has competed in the Engine Masters Challenge. He has also written for several magazines, and is a contributing editor for Hot Rod Body&Paint, Hemi Muscle, and Petersen’s 4-wheel & Offroading Magazine. He also hosts a number of shows, including Roadkill Garage. He has a large following on Instagram. He has over 213k followers, and his Instagram account is named Steve Dulcich.

Personal life

Amongst the crowds, Steve Dulcich’s personal life is a saga, but he’s a nice guy and a devoted family man. Aside from his wife and daughters, Steve has the distinction of being the oldest and youngest member of his clan. As a child, Steve spent the bulk of his childhood in a gilded cage in his dad’s office. After a stint in military service and a brief stint in retail sales, Steve has made his mark as an entrepreneur and an all round nice guy. He may be best known for his frugality, but there’s no denying he’s a hard worker. Luckily, Steve’s got a good dose of the competitive sort, which has kept him out of trouble over the years. Despite a bumpy start, he’s now living a carefree life with the family.