A Look at Dante Deiana’s Net Worth

Having a net worth can be a huge deal, especially if you’re a musician. Whether you’re a solo artist, a band, or a recording group, having a net worth can help you financially. Having a net worth can also help you find success, whether it’s on the road or in your music career.


Currently, Dante Deiana is a DJ. He has been in the entertainment industry for more than 20 years, and he has created unforgettable musical experiences for millions of fans. He has worked with many influential brands. Some of the brands that he has worked with include Nike, Red Bull, Groupon, and Playboy. He also has a marketing company that launches popular brands.

Deiana started DJing in high school. He began performing at hot venues in Chicago. He later got a job in the audio department at Wrigley Field. He also started performing at school dances. His mother supported his decision to become a DJ.

He started his career at age sixteen. He had to save up to buy his music. In 2010, he got a call from Barstool Sports founder David Portnoy. The call changed his life. He was invited to play at a party in Tampa. He was surprised to find out that his friends’ brother was playing the show.

After a short time, Dante became the headlining act for Miley Cyrus’ tour. He also opened for Kid Cudi. He shared the stage with Jamie Foxx. He also performed at SiriusXM radio programs.

Dante’s commitment to his profession has made many lives better. He also donates to a number of charities. He is also a sound engineer for the Chicago Cubs. He has been a DJ for Jay Cutler charity events. He also DJs for Gronkowski’s personal parties. He also writes blogs for Barstool Sports.

Dante’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. However, it is still unknown whether he earns this much. His family is not publicly available. However, he has two sisters. He lives in Chicago, Illinois. Despite being a DJ, he prefers to lead a modest life. He also has a marketing company that focuses on big events. His work has also included working for the NBA and Red Bull. He has been a DJ at NBC’s New Year’s Eve Live.

Dante Deiana is engaged to Cheryl Scott. They started dating in 2016. Cheryl Scott is a meteorologist for ABC 7. She started working for ABC 7 in December 2014. She has also worked for NBC 5 in Chicago, Illinois.

Personal life

During the time he was living in Worcester, Massachusetts, Dante was a professional DJ. Eventually, his skills earned him a gig on the road with the WWE. He has since moved on to become a mix show DJ at Kiss FM. His unique skill has earned him collaborations with major brands like Nike and Red Bull.

Dante Deiana has been in the business of providing unforgettable musical experiences for over twenty years. In that time, he has forged relationships with athletes, celebrities, and businesses, which has led to some of the most memorable moments of his career. He is currently a member of the Jay Cutler Foundation for Childhood Diabetes. And he is also a marketing executive at Tally App, a smartphone app that allows users to make their own personalized calendars.

Dante Deiana is also a resident DJ at Barstool Sports. He is responsible for the blackout tour which threw 160 shows into the bargain and drew 150,000 fans to its inaugural run. He is also an in-game DJ for the Chicago Cubs, a role he held for the 2015 season. He is also the senior vice president of marketing for Tally App.

Dante is also a partner in several Midwest businesses, including Forward Hospitality Group, which books entertainment lineups for a variety of venues, including casinos, bars, and nightclubs. He has also forged a number of industry relationships in Chicago, and has taken his talents on the road to several world class arenas.

Aside from being a well-known DJ, Dante is also a fan of baseball, and enjoys supporting the Cubs in the playoffs. He also donates his time to various charities, which has earned him the coveted “Dante the Don” moniker. Whether you are looking to celebrate a birthday or just want to get in the spirit of the game, you are sure to have an event to remember. With over twenty years under his belt, Dante Deiana is a DJ who knows how to make the most of his career. With his knack for connecting with audiences and clients, he has become one of the most well-rounded and entertaining celebrities in the game.

Engagement to Cheryl Scott

Getting engaged is a milestone in life. So, when ABC7 lead meteorologist Cheryl Scott got engaged to long-term boyfriend Dante Deiana, it was quite a moment. Not only did she get engaged, but she also got to propose in a very unique way.

Cheryl Scott’s engagement to Dante Deiana took place in Hawaii in July 2018. The couple was vacationing there for a few days, and Dante had a plan for a special engagement. He got down on one knee and proposed to his longtime girlfriend, and Scott accepted the offer. The couple had been drooling over a Hawaiian vacation for a while.

After three years of dating, Cheryl Scott is finally getting married. The couple is getting ready for their January 2022 wedding. But there are still some rumors circulating about the wedding. One of those rumors is that Scott is dating ice hockey player Patrick Sharp. But so far, Scott hasn’t addressed those rumors.

The couple met at a charity event in Chicago, and they’ve been inseparable ever since. In the last couple of years, Scott has taken time off from work to spend time with her boyfriend.

Dante Deiana is an American DJ, entrepreneur, and sound and music engineer. He’s been around the music industry for many years, and has performed at venues throughout the country and overseas. Dante is also a partner in the Forward Hospitality Group. He’s also managed and planned large scale events and has done product launches for several major brands.

Cheryl Scott is a television weathercaster for ABC 7. She started her career as a broadcaster for ABC News in 2014. She worked for WSEE-TV in Erie, Pennsylvania and WMAQ-Ch. before joining ABC 7 Eyewitness News in 2014. She has been in the news for her meteorological expertise. Previously, Scott worked as a weekend weather forecaster for NBC affiliate WMAQ-Ch. She’s also been involved in a documentary for National Geographic. She’s also been a board director for the American Red Cross.

She has a net worth of at least 1 million dollars, and the majority of it comes from her professional career.


Despite the fact that Dante Deiana isn’t exactly a household name, he’s been providing unforgettable musical experiences for over two decades. Dante’s unique skill has led to collaborations with major brands, and he’s a DJ whose work has been recognized by the NBA, Red Bull, Playboy, and McDonald’s.

Dante Deiana has been in the nightlife industry since he was 16 years old. He started his career by performing at school dances and parties. After graduating from St. John’s High School, he went on to study pre-law at Loyola University of Chicago. In addition to his career as a DJ, he has also worked as a marketing director and music programmer.

In 2010, Deiana received a phone call from Barstool Sports founder David Portnoy. Portnoy wanted to hire Deiana as a DJ at Barstool Sports, and Deiana moved to Chicago to study pre-law at Loyola. At Loyola, Dante double majored in criminal justice and political science.

Dante Deiana is also a DJ at Wrigley Field, where he started his career in 2015. His career began when he was hired as an in-game DJ for the Cubs during the 2015 season. He now hosts big events around the city, and he also has a sound booth at Wrigley Field.

Throughout his career, Deiana has gotten to work with some famous celebrities, including Kid Cudi, 50 Cent, and Jamie Foxx. He’s also worked as a DJ for professional athletes, and he’s even had the opportunity to DJ for Rob Gronkowski, who plays for the New England Patriots.

Dante Deiana has been DJing for Gronkowski’s charity events, and he DJs for his personal parties, too. He also DJs for Jay Cutler’s charity events. Despite his career, Deiana still likes to lead a modest lifestyle. He’s currently in the process of opening Shake-It, a nightclub in Chicago West Town. He and his partner, Brad Deiana, are opening the club together.

Dante Deiana is currently dating Cheryl Scott. They got engaged on July 15, 2018. However, the couple hasn’t announced a wedding date yet. However, fans have been worried about their relationship, because they haven’t been photographed together recently.