90 Day Fiance Net Worth – Jibri Bell and Miona Bell

Among the many celebrities who appeared on 90 Day Fiance, Jibri Bell and Miona Bell were a couple that caught the eye of the viewers. Although it is not clear how much money they have earned so far, the two are enjoying a lavish lifestyle. The two are living in South Dakota, where Jibri’s family owns property.

Jibri Bell’s musical career is doing well. He has been able to fund his endeavors in several ways. In the past, Jibri had formed a band with his friend Daveed. The band also includes vocalist Damn Brandi and producer Space Ca$h. They have a following on YouTube, and they collaborate with sponsors on their Instagram accounts. Jibri has also sold his original damaged pants for more than $10,000.

While Jibri has a music career, he hasn’t made it to the big time in the United States. He and Miona are living in South Dakota, where Jibri’s parents live. Miona is currently working as a make-up artist. Eventually, she would like to open her own makeup line. She’s also a model, which has helped her gain some publicity.

She was known as a social activist, as well. She spoke about her traumatic past on the internet. She has also received some criticism on social media for being too old. However, fans are praising her for her appearance as a model. One Reddit user even saw her in a shopping center, and she’s definitely not lacking in style. She also has an attractive pay check from TLC.

Jibri Bell is also the founder of Voltage LLC. He is also a make-up artist and musician. He has a fairly small social media following, but he’s managed to cash in on his fame. In the past, Jibri has released several music videos, and he’s been featured in several commercials. His mother is concerned about his social media presence. He also has a band, but he’s not sure if he has enough money to move to a bigger city.

The rumors about the duo’s marriage began long before they began filming 90 Day Fiance. Before Jibri and Miona tied the knot, they had a romantic relationship. They even started dating right after Jibri met Miona. The couple got engaged in Thailand in December. Jibri’s grandmother officiated the ceremony.

Although Jibri and Miona appear to be living the high life, they’re not exactly rich. According to one fan, Jibri has an estimated net worth of between $200K and $400K. However, his mother wants Miona to dress more conservatively. Miona was originally from Serbia, and she’s currently living in South Dakota. She likes to travel, and she’s also a model. However, Jibri insists that he lives with his parents.

The duo isn’t the only 90 Day Fiance star who has found ways to cash in on his fame. Biniyam Shibre also has a music career. Usman Umar has also been active in the franchise, and he’s made some solid money along the way.