5 Ways to Be Good to Yourself

If you are feeling overwhelmed or have had a rough day, it is important to remember that it’s okay to take a break and treat yourself right. Doing so can help you focus better and be more productive, despite your feelings.

Savor the Small Things

The simple act of noticing the things that bring you joy can make a huge difference in your mood and outlook on life, regardless of what else may be going on around you. For example, when you eat a meal, take time to enjoy its taste or the smell of your favorite perfume. These small moments of gratitude can make a big impact in your overall happiness, boosting your energy and confidence, says Gatti.

Listen with Intent to Your Thoughts

A lot of us have negative and self-deprecating thoughts that we often don’t even notice. Try listening to these voices with compassion and empathy, explains Wade, and see what they’re trying to tell you about your life.

For example, you might hear a voice that says, “I’m not good enough,” or “I’m no good at this.” Instead of responding to these negative thoughts by berating yourself, try being kind to yourself, and reflect on what could have been done differently.

When you can do this, your inner critic will lose its power, explains Wade. You’ll be able to see the thoughts as separate from your emotions, and you’ll have an easier time trusting yourself.

Think of a Friend Who Has a Bad Mood Today

When someone is in a bad mood, they’re usually not very social. They’re not likely to hang out with friends or go to the gym. It’s probably not the best idea to be surrounded by negative people, so it’s important to stay away from those kinds of situations when you can.

Pretend You’re Your Best Friend

It isn’t always easy to be nice to yourself, but it can be very effective in the long run. Try pretending you are your best friend and treating yourself with the same care that you would your friends. If you’re not being kind to yourself, then think of a friend who is in your same situation and imagine what that person might say to you.

Keep a Journal of Your Daily Moments

If you’re having a hard time being kind to yourself, consider writing down a few positive moments of the day. This can help you get in the habit of noticing the little things that make your life better, such as getting to sleep in after a long day, or enjoying a good cup of coffee at the cafe before heading to work.

Doing so can help you see the beauty in small, everyday experiences and boost your motivation to keep going, explains Wade. You’ll also find that you are more resilient when facing tough times, since you have a strong sense of positivity and gratitude in your life, she explains.

Be Coachable

It’s always important to be coachable, whether it’s your job or your personal relationships. Being able to accept criticism without being defensive is a great way to build your confidence and show employers that you are a reliable worker.