5 Tips For Launching An Online Underwear Store

One thing many can not do without when dressing up is undergarments. Underwear is a common piece of clothing for males, females, gender-neutral, and so on. Therefore, if you go into the underwear business, you can appeal to a diverse audience/customers. 

You also may not want to open a physical underwear store because of the extra work needed to get one going. However, an online underwear store can be ready within a few weeks once you are ready to get into business. Here are 7 tips for launching an online underwear store in a short period.

1. Get A Website/E-commerce Platform

Unlike a physical lingerie store, an online store does not need a physical location where daily activities are done. Such business activities can go on while you monitor or curate deliveries, product displays, and so on, on your electronic device. Therefore, you need a website where these activities take place.

If you cannot afford to create a new website for your business, think about selling on an existing e-commerce website. Get to know the criteria to get your product on the platform, register, and list your products for sale. You can find great underwear at https://dailyjocks.com.au/, for example. Your platform or website can be created or modified to mirror such a website.

2. Craft a Killer Product Description

People who want to buy your product must be convinced that you have the best for them. They will not know this by coming to you in person. Of course, it is an online store, not a physical one. Your copy can only convince them to purchase or move to the next seller with their desired product.

Get a copywriter to help you craft a product description that is relevant to your product and addresses the pain points of your proposed buyers. If you are savvy with words and know how to persuade or influence people with words, you can put this together yourself. Just make sure you have the best copy representing your product.

3. Get Industry-Standard Product Photography

The way your product is presented is how potential buyers will perceive it. If you position it as a premium product and act on it, you will get the kind of customers who would fit that criterion.

One way to position yourself is by taking high-quality photographs of your underwear. You may need to show your products being worn by humans or mannequins. Taking live photographs shows potential buyers what the product looks or would look like when they purchase your undergarment.

4. Get Immersed in Content Marketing

Your underwear store is online and not in a mall. Do not joke with getting your wares in people’s faces to get constant sales and stay in business. Learning how to scale your online business using effective content marketing may be difficult. It is, however, possible.

5. Give Excellent Customer Service

As an online store, your best bet is to sell more to recurring buyers/customers. These loyal customers would refer you to others who may not have seen or heard about you. The secret to keeping customers and making them loyal is to offer impeccable customer service to them. Ensure every buyer is satisfied, even if they do not purchase after inquiring.

Respond to calls fast. Return calls you missed and stayed on your devices at all times, or have someone do it for you. Some customers may get pissed if you keep missing calls or not promptly replying to emails/messages.


The online undergarment business is lucrative and can be done easily by anyone with the right mindset and tools. Putting the right system in place is important to have a seamless business without issues. 

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