5 Famous Nadeshot Quotes

nadeshot quotes

Nadeshot is a philanthropist, former professional Call of Duty player, and esports content creator. Here are 5 famous quotes about Nadeshot. Read them and share them with others. They are sure to inspire you. And, they’ll make you want to start your own esports content creation company.

Nadeshot is a philanthropist

Nadeshot is a well-known esports player who has donated money and time to charity projects. He is the founder of the 100 Thieves brand. His charitable work has included helping children with cancer through a charity stream. The streamers of the 100 Thieves brand have a schedule that encourages donations. Highlights of their streams are posted on social media, and Nadeshot dedicates a lot of time to promoting donations.

He is a former professional Call of Duty player

Nadeshot is a former professional Call Of Duty player who won a gold medal at the 2014 X Games. The gold medal helped him land the role of team captain for OpTic Gaming, one of the most successful teams in esports history. However, before he rose to prominence in the esports industry, Nadeshot worked at McDonald’s drive-through. He also played the Gears of War franchise and was the captain of a team called 100 Thieves.

He is a philanthropist

Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag is the founder of the 100 Thieves Charity. It is a charity that provides video game equipment to sick children and has helped them survive a hospital stay. The philanthropist’s net worth is estimated to be $10 million in September 2022. He has a BMW i8 and has donated to charities in the past.

He is an esports content creator

Nadeshot is an esports player who has made quite an impact in the gaming industry. Currently ranked third in the world, he has achieved quite a bit in his short career. He is also engaged to Haley Hey, a fellow game industry veteran. While he might sometimes be jealous of Valkyrae, he seems to be happy with his current life.

He lost a tattoo bet to his own content creator

In a recent Tweet, Matt ‘Nadeshot’ Haag, the CEO of the gaming community 100 Thieves, announced that he had gotten his third tattoo. The gamer’s friends and followers immediately jumped to his defense, and they all made sure to retweet the message. However, it took over 100,000 retweets to get the tattoo. In a stunning turn of events, Nadeshot later revealed that he lost the bet.

He worries that 100 Thieves will fail

Nadeshot is worried that his new team will fail, even though the team has been doing well in its early days. He worries that his skills are not transferable to other industries. But he is unsure of his worries.