3 Simple & Best Converters to Convert HEIC to JPG

Yes, you can find that images clicked by iOS devices stored in HEIC graphic files format instead of regular image types. This is indicated as the well-known format that provide great compression still maintaining the original graphic resolution. However, the downside of this Apple image format is that it is not widely supported by most of applications or devices. This means that one cannot be able to view and access heic files even for viewing and editing concerns. If this is the case, users should have to convert HEIC Apple photos to most regular image format that is accessible by all devices and programs like JPG or JPEG. Keeping this downside in mind, the source of theonlineconverter.com did great job by providing an online HEIC to JPG converter that requires couple of steps to convert HEIC file to JPG raster-based regular image file type without any quality loss.

Well, in this informative post, we covered some best HEIC to JPEG converter that lets you export one or even couple of Apple HEIC photos as JPG images within no time.


If you seeking for the best HEIC to JPG converter that works as online and even over desktop, then this application is the thing you need right now. Just couple of clicks comes into scene to convert Apple HEIC photos to JPG regular image type. You can find that all users need to drag n drop the image files into the tool-panel and let this HEIC Photos to JPG converter provided you with high quality results. Also, this is referred to as the fully secured medium regarding exporting HEIC photos as JPG images.

How to Convert HEIC to JPG with Heic.imobie?

Step #1:

  • You need to select the HIEC Apple photos to convert them all into JPG image files. Also, you can there easily set the image quality corresponding to your need

Step #2:

  • Once you selected your HEIC images, you need to add them into the toolbox, and simply press the “Click to Select” button

Step #3:

  • Once the transformation from Apple Heic photos to JPG images is done, you need to hit the download button that quickly export HEIC as JPG


This is another smart and considerable way that takes couple of clicks to convert HEIC to JPG image format. It is indicated as the most fastest tool through which you can save .heic file extension as .jpeg image extension effortlessly. All the processed files are completely safe and secure and even they all permanently removed from the server source right after an hour. The upside and most auspicious reason behind using this file converter is that it provided you with high quality and optimal results since it uses advanced version algorithm. It’s handy and attractive design provide users mentally ease while turning HEIC Apple photos into JPG image files. You people just have to stick with a stable internet connection and give a proper chance to this converter to process remarkable conversions.

How to turn HEIC to JPG freely with Jpgheic?

Step #1:

  • The Choose Files option is ready for you start uploading with it or simply make drag and drop heic files to process conversions

Step #2:

  • Now, the time comes to make an instant click on the provided “Start Conversion” button to proceed with conversions

Step #3:

  • Finally, you need to download JPG graphic files by making a left-click on the provided “Download Converted Files” link to attain swift conversions


Yes, you can now convert HEIC to JPG image file format without depending on the additional software with the natural assistance of this online web-based application. The greatest thing is that its best HEIC to JPG converter allow you to save one or even multiple Apple photos as JPG image files without any limitations. Just drag the selection of the JPG images and drop them all into the toolbox and you can see that how this converter provided you with instant results.

Besides that all, once you transformed HEIC into JPG image format, you can process compression on JPG image with the assistance of online image compressor. Not only that, users allow to convert HEIC to PNG, and even deal with PDF compression, merging, splitting, locking and unlocking PDF documents within matter of seconds. Kept in mind that these all conversions and files compression is 100% free and no sign-up and installation required to process such transformation. Also, now you could process multiple batch images conversions for all image file formats including HEIC to JPG raster graphic files. Moreover, you can see that all the online web-dependent converters are supported by all well-known operating systems (OS) and even the devices including (iPhone, Android, and Tablets). No matter how frequently you’re using HEIC file to JPG converter, it retains the original quality for free of charge.

How to Convert HEIC to JPG Online?

Step #1:

  • Choose the Apple HEIC photos right now and drop them all at once into the toolbox and let this HEIC file to JPG converter proceed with online conversion further

Step #2:

  • Once you dragged the files into this converter, you can find that it will start automatically uploading without any disruption. All of your files once uploaded, it’s time to click on the Convert button

Step #3:

  • The “Download” button is ready, all you required to press or you can hit the “Download Zip” if  you want to save all heic files at once into JPG images

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