1979 Precio Susan B Anthony

A coin’s value varies depending on several factors, including the materials used and state of conservation. It can cost anywhere from $1 to $60, but you can easily find out its value using a coin-value website like Foronum. Here are some of the common characteristics that determine the price of a coin:

The 1979-P “Wide Rim” dollar is worth around $21 in MS61 quality. In comparison, a coin in MS67+ grade is worth several thousand dollars. Two PCGS MS67 examples of this coin sold for $2,081 and $2,138 respectively in 2019. In addition, a coin in MS66 grade has been worth about $76 to $1,191.

There are several types of Susan B. Anthony dollar coins, and some of them can be extremely valuable. These coins can be found in proofs, uncirculated, or mint condition. Some of them are highly valued in collectors’ collections.

The 1979 dollar is available in two proof variants: Type 1 and Type 2. The Type 1 coin is the rarer and more valuable of the two. It carries a higher premium than the 1981 coin. Both are minted by the San Francisco Mint.

When the 1979 dollar was released, it was the first time a female icon appeared on a coin. The coin was released for four years, and Frank Gasparro designed the obverse and reverse. The obverse of the coin is similar to that of the Washington quarter. However, people frequently mixed up the two denominations, which cost the coin 75 cents in transactions. As such, it wasn’t widely adopted.