10 CoachUp Coaches’ Top Qualities

There are several things that can make you a great basketball player, but here are ten CoachUp coaches’ top qualities that are most common among their best players.

1. Effort: You have to be willing to put in maximum effort every time you hit the court. This means waking up early to practice, committing to hard workouts in the gym and staying strong after games.

It also means letting your coaches know when you’re having an off day or just don’t feel like practicing. This will ensure your team sees that you’re serious about the game and are committed to giving it your all on and off the court.

2. Toughness: The ability to play when the going gets tough is a quality that all great players possess in abundance. They box out, take charges, execute plays under duress and hit big shots when needed.

3. Determination: A great basketball player is always determined to be better. They don’t let a bad shooting night or an off-day get them down and they remain confident that they can overcome any obstacles that may come their way.

4. Communication: High character basketball players are great communicators and often lead their teams by example. They make sure that everyone on the team is working together to accomplish their goals. They’re constantly communicating with each other and holding their teammates accountable for their actions, so that everyone is focused on the same goal.

5. A great basketball player is a great teammate: They work with each other off the court and build real relationships with their teammates. They share their own experiences with them and help them develop their skills so that they can be the best they can be.

6. They are a positive influence on their team: They have a great attitude and help to motivate the rest of their team members. They’re happy for their teammate’s successes and are supportive even when they don’t acknowledge them themselves.

7. They are passionate: They are very committed to the sport and enjoy playing it. They’re excited about every game they play and never lose that passion for the game.

8. They are a good role model: They understand the commitment that it takes to play a sport, whether that is practicing, attending games or improving their skills on their own outside of the team.

9. They are committed to making their team a success: They know that their success depends on the success of their team and they want to be a part of it. They’re a great role model to other athletes by being a role model to their own kids and teaching them how to become a good teammate.

10. They are socially genuine: They’re honest and open with their teammates, and they support them on and off the court.

If you’re a basketball player, you can be confident that these are the qualities that will help you to be a great one. They’re the qualities that can help you to succeed in your career as a player and will allow you to enjoy your sport as much as possible.